Electric Options

All of our Venetian blinds can be fitted as electric blinds
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Our aluminium venetian blinds are a timeless classic

Made-to-measure for a perfect fit, and sure to provide years of reliable service.

This classic window blind style allows you to adjust lighting levels instantly by altering the angle of the slat. This is available in either wood for a more traditional feel or aluminium for a more contemporary look. There is a huge range of slat styles available in a range of exotic colours, subtle shades and dynamic effects.

These blinds are perfect for a living room where the light levels need to be adjusted for different occasions.

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Electric Options

All of our Venetian Blinds can be fitted as Electric Blinds

Exceptional quality

We have over a decade’s experience providing top quality made to measure fitted Venetian blinds for homes and offices in London and Surrey. This blind style can easily change the look of a living room by adjusting the light levels. They are extremely attractive, functional and durable. We ensure that our customers receive an outstanding service from our team of blind fitters covering Surrey and London.

Variety of styles

We provide wooden and aluminium fitted Venetian blinds that give a traditional feel or contemporary look to your room. Available in varying slat widths with a huge range of exotic colours, subtle shades and dynamic effects. All of our Venetian blinds can also be fitted as electric blinds allowing you to control your blinds from the comfort of your sofa with a remote, or mounted on a wall.